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Equipment List for Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Assembly:

Universal Turret Equipment for High Speed Printed Circuit Board Assembly  Samsung Dual Head SMT Circuit Assembly
  • Equipment Advantage: Our seven automated surface mount (SMT) and two through hole circuit board assembly lines include redundant pick and place machines giving us the flexibility to move jobs from line to line with minimum downtime.  This gives us the ability to react quickly to our current regional customer base in Michigan, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio, as well as our national PCB assembly customers.
  • Surface Mount (SMT) & Through-hole
    Circuit Board Placement Equipment:
    • Universal turret-style, SMT components: 14,400 cph (3 total).
    • Sanyo turret-style, SMT components: 14,400 cph (2 total).
    • Sanyo turret-style, SMT chip-shooter: 10,000 cph (3 total).
    • Sanyo automated fine pitch SMT placement (1 total)
    • Samsung dual-head, SMT components: 7,500 cph (2 total).
    • Universal dual-head through-hole axial inserter:  14,000 cph per head (1 total).
    • Universal single head through-hole axial inserter (1 total)
    • Universal single head through-hole radial inserter (2 total)
    • Amistar through-hole DIP inserter (2 total)
    • Autosplice pass-through terminal inserter, SMT & Through-hole, 13,000 cph (1 total).
    • Seiko pick-and-place robot (1 total).
    Additional PCB Assembly Support Equipment:
      • Genrad "Stinger" In-Circuit Production Test System.
      • Forced Convection Reflow Ovens.
      • Automated Wave Soldering, Two Lines.
      • Conformal Coating.
      • Automated Solder/Adhesive Dispensing.
      • Pass-Through Deionized Washer Systems.
      • Automatic Screen Printers.
      • Board Loaders and Unloaders.
    Products >  Assembly Services >  Equipment List >  Qwik-Quote

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